New Hire Paperwork

Signed document titled "Agreemen" laying on white reflective background.When starting a New Hire, there are many forms that can simplify the process. Below is a collection of checklists and forms that you might find helpful. Before using any of these samples, you should verify that they are legal to use in your particular state/ locality/ industry.  Some may include questions or data collection that is not allowed in your area. Please see the additional reminder at the bottom of this page.

Below are sample New Hire Checklists that might help you to design your own form:

New Hire checklist 1

New Hire checklist 2

New Hire checklist 3

New Hire checklist 4

New Hire checklist 5

Some additional New Hire Forms that you might want to look at:

Emergency Information Form

Contact Information

Deduction of Wages

Property Checklist

Government Forms required when starting a New Hire:

Form I-9

Form W-4

Reminder:  The sample forms on Genuine HR’s website are available to copy and use. They are samples, written by us or others, that have been made available to the public at no charge.  Genuine HR makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of these documents and specifically disclaims all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. These documents may not be suitable for your particular situation or need.  Please consult a competent professional as needed.

These samples should not be sold or incorporated into any for-profit resource or publication.

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